Core Values and Beliefs

At DCM Shriram Ltd. our Core Values and beliefs are rooted in our heritage and reflect our conviction to build a vibrant, growing and resilient Organization

Agility & Execution

  • Be agile with focus on results & deliverables
  • Make continuous improvement a way of life, drive performance and accountability

Deliver Value

  • Listen to the voice of the customer and all stake holders, gather insights and respond to the changing needs
  • Build trust and long-term relationship by consistently providing superior value

Openness & Learning

  • Build a strong outside-in perspective to acquire new skills, technologies and competencies
  • Nurture and empower talent, foster collaborative working

Respect & Human Dignity

  • Nurture understanding, empathy, care and trust in all relationships
  • Value fairness and dignity, treat everyone with respect

Governance & responsibility

  • Conduct ethically with highest standards of credibility and integrity
  • Be socially responsible, addressing the needs of the community and environment


Let’s make these a way of life !